A Helping Hand to the Band

In August of 2020, the Red Deer Legion Pipe Band planned on going on tour to Scotland and Ireland! This plan is currently postponed until the pandemic is over, but once it is over we are eager to get back there! It has been years since the band was last in Scotland—some of our members have never been—so we are very excited about this upcoming adventure. As a Scottish pipe and drum band, this will be a wonderful cultural experience for our members as well as a great opportunity to represent Central Alberta and Canada abroad. As part of this tour, we have been invited to be part of the Crieff Highland Gathering, an event that has been taking place annually since 1870 (with the exception of the WWI & WW2 years). We are honoured to be asked to join them by taking part in their parade and massed bands!
As you may know, the pipe band toured France, Belgium, and the Netherlands in 2014, paying our respects at a number of the battlefields, monuments, and historical sites of significance to Canadians, in particular. This was a phenomenal experience for all who were able to go, something we will never forget! It had the added benefit of bringing our band members closer than they have ever been. We are hoping this new adventure will be just as memorable as the last.
As the Red Deer Legion Pipe Band is a non-profit organization, we subsist solely on contributions from generous donors and through the fundraising efforts of the band. Everything from lessons to uniforms to instruments—and, yes, band tours—is funded in this manner. If you would like to help the band get closer to our Scotland & Ireland 2020 fundraising goal, we would be very grateful! Every little bit is a huge help and is truly appreciated.