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About the Band

The Red Deer & District Pipe Band is comprised of members from across Central Alberta who all have one thing in common: a love for pipes and drums. We have recently undergone a transition as a band, moving forward under a new name and a new logo, both of which better reflect the changes we have experienced as a band. The Red Deer & District Pipe Band is active across Alberta, participating in parades, local events, Remembrance services, and various celebrations. We proudly wear the vibrant Chattan Ancient tartan and are under the leadership of Pipe Major Derek Rogers and Drum Sergeant Allison Klavano.


Just last summer, the Red Deer & District Pipe Band reentered the competition circuit and is currently anticipating this summer's competition season. It is our aim to be the best band we can be and what better way than honing our skills in preparation for competition? We also aim to positively represent Red Deer, Central Alberta, and Canada both here and abroad and will have the opportunity to do so again this summer as we tour Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland.  


We are made up of individuals from all different backgrounds, occupations, and generations but have come together as the Red Deer & District Pipe Band to both make and celebrate great Scottish music!

Our Tartan

The Red Deer & District Pipe Band's tartan is the Clan Chattan Ancient tartan.


Our Crest

Crest badge: A cat salient, proper.

Clan chief's motto: Touch not the cat bot a glove.

("Bot" may mean "without" or "ungloved", either being a warning to those who would harm the clan.)

Clan Chattan Crest.jpg
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